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7 cool activities and things to do in Sofia


If you are heading to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and still wondering what to do and how to make the best of your trip, here are 7 cool activities and things to do in Sofia that we recommend!


1.     Experience a magic sunrise near Sofia

Do you enjoy sunrises?  If your answer is yes, check our next free activity near Sofia – Magic sunrise in Sofia!

2. Join The Bohemian Sofia Tour – Behind the scenes of Old Sofia


If you come to Sofia for the first time you would probably want to visit the highlights of the city, so we suggest you to choose the Bohemian Sofia tour (every Saturday).

It’s an independent free walking tour in English and reveals the secrets of the Bohemian decades of Sofia’s history, when it was a Monarchy.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours and starts from the most famous landmark of the city – Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It covers some of the points of main interest for the tourists.

The Bohemian Sofia tour is very interesting and differs from the ordinary ones, that’s why we recommend it.

Viktor is a licensed guide who invests time in reading books and preparing his tours, so he provides good value.

See more about the Bohemian tour.

3. Take a morning walk and Roman mineral bath


After a city tour, you would probably want to try a different type of activity near Sofia, so you can join Asen on our Morning walk and Roman mineral bath.

Especially if you are a fan of nature and beautiful views, and you love challenges, you will definitely enjoy it!

So, what it is about?

The area where it takes place is called Pancharevo – a village about 10 km from Sofia, known for its beautiful artificial lake.

The activity consists in an easy morning walk – a silent meditation hike to a place with a breathtaking view of Vitosha mountain and Pancharevo lake. It’s an energizing way to start the day. After the hike, Asen – your guide for this experience, will guide you to the local mineral springs where he will tell you their history and explain you in details the procedure of how to take the maximum benefit from it. In those baths the water is healing and contains 1g calcium and 1g magnesium per liter.

And here comes another challenge: getting naked with strangers! Yes, it’s a nude bath but don’t worry – it’s men and women separated! There are 2 different pools – one of 37 degrees and one of 42 degrees.

Check out our offer, it’s a very interesting and different outdoor experience!

4. Solve the mystery of an Escape room



Another way to escape from the ordinary itinerary is to try out the Escape rooms in Sofia. In case you don’t know, an escape room is an especially prepared room that will take you into a world of adventure and mystery. You have different tasks and series of challenges you need to solve in order to escape from the room you are locked in for 60 minutes. Use your brain and work like a team!

You can share the experience with friends, family or a group of tourists!

We recommend Escapeway in Sofia.

5. Relax in one of the many parks in Sofia

If you have time to sit and relax in the park: there are some that are perfect for that purpose: we advise you to choose Borisova gradina – the oldest park in Sofia, known as the city’s lungs or Yujen (South) park.

We have some amazing news for you! Starting from May this year 2018, we will organize free trainings in the park. Stay tuned!

6. Have fun with Sofia mountain biking

If walking isn’t enough for you and you seek some more adventurous activity you should try out Sofia mountain biking with Asen. He is a passionate mountain biker who will take you through his favorite parts of Vitosha mountain, the surrounding villages and the local family sweet shop. Have fun and be in contact with the nature while biking! Beginners or experts, everyone is more than welcome! See details about this exciting experience.

7. Enjoy a Puppet show in the Sofia Puppet Theatre

If you are looking for something different, spending an evening at the Sofia Puppet Theatre can be a great idea. Enjoy a unique puppet performance of your choice!


As you can see, there are many interesting activities and things to do in Sofia. Don’t hesitate to try them!

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