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Experience a Magic Sunrise in Sofia (and 7 reasons to choose it)

If you are in Sofia and wondering what to do and how to enjoy your trip to Sofia by doing something interesting and different, I highly recommend you to attend the Magic Sunrise in Sofia (FREE)!

This time I will share with you how it felt to attend that amazing outdoor experience in Sofia which is absolutely free (except for the transport) and it’s organized by the wonderful Laura and Asen from Balcanic.

Watching the sunrise? ‘’It’s too early for me!”

you can say… and I absolutely understand you! I am not a morning person myself and hate waking up early. But this time I tried and it was definitely worth it! I woke up at 5, the meeting was at 5:45 at Alexander Nevski – one of the main highlights in Sofia.

We were a group of tourists and travelers from different countries of around 15 people. I was surprised to see so many enthusiasts showing up so early. But an adventure like this is definitely an excellent motivation. So we took off with taxies & cars and after a 30-40 minutes drive we were at Vitosha summit – the fascinating mountain near Sofia.

              Important – what to know before going:


  • Wear mountain shoes (I was with sneakers and it was still snowy, so I was sliding most of the time 😀 ), I recommend to bring another pair of socks in case you get wet
  • Take a warm jacket with you, as well as extra layers
    Even if the weather in Sofia is hot, in the mountain there might still be snow        and it’s colder, especially in the morning
  • Bring some small snacks if you want
  • Be prepared for a walk
    I wouldn’t say it is a tough hike but still a walk in the mountain that takes approximately 25-30 minutes
  • Be prepared for stunning views!


Back to the experience near Sofia:

The atmosphere was very friendly, Laura and Asen are very welcoming, and during the trip they explain interesting things about the place, the nature and much more.

From the parking at Vitosha Laura, our host, made a short inspiring speech and gave jackets to those who didn’t have. The walk (an easy hike) was supposed to be a silent meditation but we weren’t so quiet, it was actually a funny trip, that’s why we made a 10 minutes silent meditation near the Tree of wishes – the place that we were supposed to see the sun. We made our wishes, it was so magical!

We didn’t see the sunrise fully but… we saw a rabbit. The weather was a bit unpredictable but despite that it was a nice and recharging outdoor experience!

It was fun and interesting – getting to know other travelers from around the world, seeing a beautiful place in the mountain that only locals could know and show you (not a touristic spot) and I am sure that with the sunrise it will be a spectacular experience!

An interesting fact is that Balcanic:) is actually the only organization in Bulgaria that organizes outdoor experiences with a personal touch, sharing their favorite places and their passion for the nature. “From travelers to travelers’’ is their motto.

After the sun rose in the sky we played a game to get to know each other. However this was not the final part of the trip.

Taste a typical Bulgarian breakfast

We went back to Sofia city centre and Laura and Asen showed us a pastry shop where we all took a delicious breakfast – a Bulgarian dish, called banitsa, made of cheese, eggs and fillo dough. Even me (I live in Sofia for 17 years already) didn’t know the place and was nicely surprised by the tasty food. We all had the opportunity to talk and laugh more.


After that we say we said goodbye and came back to reality at 9 am. Wow!

Such a great experience so early in the morning!

If you still wonder why this experience in Sofia is for you, take a look at those

7 reasons to watch the Sunrise and choose Magic Sunrise in Sofia:

1.It reduces anxiety

It has been proven that catching the first rays of the sun relieves stress and has many physical and psychological benefits.

2. It’s a natural source of Vitamin D
3. You will be in a better mood during the entire day
4. Watching the sunrise gives you a better sense of gratitude
Every sunrise is different
6. This magic trip in Sofia is a unique kind of experience!
7. You will share this special moment with like-minded people

The Magic sunrise in Sofia is one of the 7 cool activities and things to do in Sofia.

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